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Languages in Malaysia

You’re welcome to study in Malaysia is a multi-cultural and higher economy country in the world which stands in the QS world university ranking with its six universities.

Malay is the official language of Malaysia. About half of the population here speaks Malay. . There are about 6 more common languages ​​in Malaysia. Among them are various Chinese language dialects, Buginese language, Daik language, Javanese language and Tamil language. Bazaar Malay language is widely used as the language of multinational markets and is used as the universal language or Lingua Franca in Sabah province. The official language is Bahasa Malaysia. However, people of different ethnicities speak their own languages. English is taught as a second language from the school level. English is widely used for daily communication and business needs.

Though there’re several languages in Malaysia the courses are usually taught in English. If your native language is English you won’t need to submit any language course certificate. But if your native language isn’t English you must have to show your proficiency in English whether you’ve skill of receiving the lecture provided in English.

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