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Low tuition fees Universities in UK

A degree from UK is usually recognized with honor in any country all over the world. They have hundreds of universities which they provide more than 500000 students higher education degrees on thousands of subjects per year. The education system is flexible for students to tailor their degree with their needs. So UK is usually the first choice for the students over the world.

Low tuition fees Universities in UK

Study in the UK is as expensive as popular. In the world many students dream to get a higher degree from UK but they are usually frustrated when they cab know about the expense. There’re many universities in the UK but the expense isn’t same to all. Different university charges differently. And the expense for the international students isn’t same as for the natives. In 2019 the UK Government has determined the tuition fees for the native students up to £9250. But this expense is not for the international students. Though some of the universities keep the tuition fees same for the international as the native but most of the universities take more than this fees from the international students.
We’ll now try to screen the expense in some of the most popular universities.

University of Stirling – £13,650

The University of Sterling is one of the cheapest one among the popular UK universities. This is as cheaper as popular. It’s been popular because of its reputation in the educational quality and wide range of courses. In this university the cost for undergraduate courses is up to £12,140 for the classroom based course and £14,460 for the laboratory based course. For the postgraduate courses the tuition fees varies between £13650-£18970.

Queen Margaret University – £13,000

The Queen Margaret University is located in seaside town of Mussel burgh that’s very nearer from the city of Edinburgh. This Scottish university is one of the cheaper universities in the UK. The cost of study in this university is between £12500 and £13500 for the course of undergraduate and it’ll be much less for the course of postgraduate level.

Solent University – £12,500

Solent University has a larger number of international students each year from more than hundred nations in the world. Because of its low tuition fees the international students are attracted to this university. For the bachelor degree the tuition fee is £12500 which is £11000 for the foundation courses and same as the higher national diploma courses but additional registration fee may be applied. For the course of Masters of Arts is £12500 and £13500 for MSc and £15000 for MBA. For the full time postgraduate research courses the tuition fee is £12500.

University of West London – £12,000

This university is another one which is renowned for both educational quality and cheaper tuition fees. In the Guardian University Survey 2019 this university was ranked 50th over the world. The tuition fee in this university is up to £12000.

Leeds Beckett University – £12,000

This university is located in the city of Leeds nearer by the biggest city of London. It has a recognized relation to many companies and organizations to help their students getting a job after finishing the course. This creative procedure attracts many international students per year. The tuition fees in the university is £12000 for the course of undergraduate, £311500-£12500 for postgraduate and £12000 for the course of research that’s really much cheaper than many other universities in the UK.

Teesside University – £11,825

Because of the rich scheme of study program the University of Teesside has been greatly renowned internally and internationally. It offers the qualified teaching and take very reasonable tuition fees.
• Foundation course – £9750
• Full time undergraduate course – £11825
• Part time remote research – £5875
• Full time MBA – £17000

Wrexham Glyndwr University – £11,750

Being established in 2008 this university achieved a great reputation within this short time because of its high quality education. Also it keeps a cheaper tuition fees than many others. So it’s being popular to many international students. For the undergraduate course they take only £11750 and £12500 for the postgraduate course.

University of Bedfordshire – £11,500

The University of Bedfordshire is one of the younger universities which was established in 2006. Within this short time it’s gained a worldwide reputation to have a large number of students from more than hundred nations each year. The reason of its reputation is both quality wide range of courses and lower tuition fees.
• Undergraduate course – £11500
• MA/MSc program – £12000
• MBA – £12500

University of Cumbria – £10,500

This university is also known as a low cost university. As one of the most low cost universities it has a reputation of a quality education and that’s why it gain a large number of student each from hundreds of nations. The tuition fees in various courses in this university are as followings:
Presessional English (6 weeks) – £1554
BA (honors) – £15500
Postgraduate program – £3500 to £15500

University of Chester – £9,250

The University of Chester is one of the older universities. This institute has achieved reputation because of both its quality education and cheaper tuition fees. The tuition fees in this university are much lower than many others in the UK. They take only £9250 for the international foundation program, £9250 for one year Bachelor’s degree including foundation and £11950 for 2-4 years Bachelor degree including foundation, £9250 for UG Pre-Reg Nursing Pathways with additional £3000 for placement, £12000 for postgraduate program, £12250 for MBA, £16228 for Research degree (MRes/MPhil/PhD (Lab based)) and £16635 for Research Degrees(MRes/MPhil/PhD (Classroom based).

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