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Janusiga Chelvam

Janusiga Chelvam is our European Partner. She is a French citizen living in France. She is a headteacher of the “Little Cambridge” school in Paris. She has completed a diploma in law from East London University. As a European student consultant, she will help you to choose the university and course which is right for you in Europe. She can also guide to process the European student and work visas. Studying at a European university is a great opportunity to learn a new language. Meanwhile, you will save money due to the affordable tuition fees. The ability to provide you all the information, guidance and support is a part of her daily life.

Office: 30 Rue de Troyes, 93150 Le Blanc- Mesnil, Frnace

Mobile: 00(33)0765733293

Email: janusiga@gclawyerschamber.com