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Study Cost in Canada

Canada is the much flexible country for international students in the world to get permanent citizenship after completing the study program. Choose to study in Canada, and you’ll have the opportunity to encounter vastly different cultural and natural experiences – from the ski slopes of British Columbia to the prairie province of Manitoba, with cities such as Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver and Quebec famously friendly, tolerant and multicultural.

Study abroad is always expensive than the home country for the international students. But study cost in the Canadian universities is much cheaper than the same course in UK, US Australia and New Zealand for the international students. So, before you taking the final decision of studying in Canada, do consider expenses like tuition fees, accommodation, food, and health coverage along with travelling cost while calculating the estimated cost of studying in Canada.

Tuition fees

The tuition fees vary from subject to subject. For the course of humanities and arts are generally cheaper than any other courses. Medicine and engineering courses are usually of higher price. If you wish to study at postgraduate level, the tuition fees are typically higher and the costs vary depending on the program. As with most other countries, MBA programs are often the most expensive. The average cost for these programs is around CAD 42,000.

* Please note all figures are indicative

Student Visa Expense

In order to study in Canada, the first step is to secure a valid study permit and that comes with its own costs (approx. CAD 150). You can refer to the official website for fees for various visa applications.

Accommodation cost

Most of the Canadian universities offer on-campus residence for the international students which is much cheaper. But you may need to submit application for this type of accommodation. If you don’t get this opportunity you’ll have to seek off-campus residence. Usually students choose on-campus accommodation for first year. On-campus accommodation may requires $CAD3000-7500/year.
Off-campus residence usually varies among different cities. The most expensive city is Toronto and Vancouver though comparatively less expensive than New York and London. Off-campus accommodation may requires $CAD750-2200/month.

Living Cost

Living in Canada, you need to keep aside money for your grocery shopping, social activities and emergency situations. When living in a foreign country, it is better to keep a track of your expenditures so that you do not over spend. Considering various expenses and living costs, a single student budget in Canada comes around to be approx. CAD 15,000 (indicative).

Medical Expenses

Health insurance is mandatory for the international students before starting the course. Many of the Canadian schools and universities keep initiative health insurance plans which usually expires as soon as your course finished. Some institutions don’t keep this option and then you may need arrange a private medical insurance that may cost an average of $CAD300-800/year.

Transportation Costs

Public transport is available in all cities and major towns of the country. For short distances, you can make use of regional trains, buses, and subways. This can range anywhere between CAD 80 and CAD 110 (approx. figure, subject to fluctuate with changing economy). It is a good idea to get monthly passes for travelling to college and back as these can be fairly cheap. Find out if your university or college provides any shuttle service between your place of stay and campus.

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