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Visa Requirements in Sweden

Studying in Sweden is unique, and you will not find an experience like it anywhere else in the world. Swedish educational institutions provide an exciting as well as open environment, with a strong focus on cooperation. This will give you valuable skills that you cannot find at other universities across the world.

Visa approval is one of the most important parts of studying abroad. In case of studying in Sweden you may or may not need visa depending on your country location. If you’re EU/EEA country citizen you won’t need visa to study in Sweden. You may study or work in Sweden without visa for 90 days or more than 90 days but you must have to inform the country your presence within 90 days.
If you’re student from out of EU/EEA you must have to get visa to study for more than 90 days. In order to get visa you’ll have to submit the following documents:

  • Valid passport
  • Recent photograph
  • Letter of acceptance
  • Copy of previous degrees certificates
  • Proof of financial abilities
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