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Visa Requirements In Malaysia

You’re welcome to study in Malaysia is a multi-cultural and higher economy country in the world which stands in the QS world university ranking with its six universities.

Requirements to Apply for a Malaysian Student Visa:

  • Student visa application form completed and signed by the applicant
  • Offer letter from the chosen educational institution approved by the pass & permit division in the Immigration Headquarters of Malaysia
  • Two passport sized photographs
  • Two photocopies of your Passport
  • Academic transcript(s) of records
  • Proof of full-time course of study approved by the Minister of Home Affairs
  • Proof of financial capability to meet course and other expenses
  • Health certificate
  • Evidence of security and personal bond
  • Students have to show their approval letters upon arrival

Once the student has all the necessary documents then they or their Higher Education Institute can make the Issuance of Visa Approval Letter (VAL). Once submitted students can always track their application.

Student needs to apply for E Visa in they are from visa-required countries:

  • China
  • India
  • Sri Lanka
  • Nepal
  • Myanmar
  • Bangladesh
  • Pakistan
  • Bhutan
  • Serbia
  • Montenegro.

Steps in Applying for a Student pass after arriving in Malaysia and cost:

The Malaysian government has made the process of the application of student visa and pass easily for anyone who wants to study in the country, as students do not have to contact their local Embassy of Malaysia no more.

  • MYR 1,060 (approximately USD 240) non-refundable visa processing fee, although selected institutions are entitled to rebates.
  • MYR 579 for subsequent document processing, refundable in the event of an unsuccessful application.
  • You will be required to subscribe to a medical insurance plan. For more information about the insurance plans available.

How long does it take the process the visa:

The entire processing time is about 3 -4 weeks.

The medical insurance part of the visa application process:

It is compulsory for every student entering Malaysia to have medical insurance. You will be insured from the date you enter Malaysia if you inform your institution of the date as soon as you arrive. All international students must be covered by a locally purchased medical health insurance scheme. An international student, through his/her educational institution, can opt to purchase Medical Insurance.

Health Screening Required:

To ensure that you have a clean bill of health, you will be required to undergo a medical screening upon arrival in Malaysia (post-arrival) at one of Education Malaysia Global Services’ registered panel clinics or health centres. Effective 01 June 2019, pre-arrival medical screening is no longer required. However, Students are required to submit a health declaration form for the Visa Approval Letter (VAL) application. If in doubt of anything required in the declaration form, please obtain consultation from your local doctor. Please note that making a false declaration, including in the health declaration form, is an offence under the Laws of Malaysia. Doing so may result in prosecution and deportation i.e. removal from Malaysia.

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