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GCLC Service

We are here to provide you service.

Academic Counseling

A vigilantly made academic decision could lead to a prosperous career. Based on the interests, prior education, strengths and weaknesses, global economic and market trends and growth opportunity for the student, GCLC  counselors tailor your ways to best academic designs.

Selecting the Right Institution

Having more than 150 foreign institutes in relation with GCLC Consultants, we strive to provide a portfolio of related institutes fit the needs of the students. It assists in finalizing a unique match of institute, program and course with the requirement of the student.

Securing Admission

We ensure swift admission process through close collaboration with the institutions on application processes of students. GCLC counselors are best equipped with knowledge on latest university policies and eligibility criteria to avoid unnecessary delays in the admission process. At GCLC Consultants, admission is secured building an alliance with the student and institution to keep a follow up on admission process for both parties.

Test Preparation

Under the supervision of well equipped and experienced trainers, students are provided training for foreign language tests i-e. IELTS, TOEFL and Pearson. Moreover, they are trained in the environment fit to put them in the series of mock exams and learn in small group activities. We are facilitating potential students of these training programs in Bangladesh, UAE, India, Malysia, Kwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Visa Guidance

Being in consistent connection with foreign embassies, consulates and other concerned departments, GCLC professionals and counselors are well informed about latest visa rules and policies pertaining to student visa requirements. We ensure accurate filling of visa application with transparent information of the student and preparation for interview session to increase high visa issuance rate. We are enjoying high success rate in this regard.

Relationship Building

Our relation with students and their parents become stronger when we effectively provide them pre departure orientations and deal with post arrival matters along with assisting them in their whole academic period in a foreign institute.

Welcome Back Events

This is the opportunity to share your life and study experience in a foreign institute. We welcome you back to your home country. We organize different sessions where you can chair the sessions for pre-departure orientations of junior fellows, record your events with GCLC team and write blogs on your excitements about living in a new country.

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